Support the planet while raising money by recycling for charity

Recycling is a simple way to raise extra funds for your charity, and a great way to get a school, workplace or local community involved. It’s usually best to recycle for donations on top of other fundraising ideas as it can be quite time consuming and often relies on the public’s own efforts. It takes someone in the habit of thinking about your charity to be in the habit of collecting and recycling for your cause as well. Its also good for saving the planet.

How to recycle for charity

There are several ways that your charity can get involved in recycling for donations. While one involves running a recycling events at schools or workplaces for people to bring unwanted belongings to a designated location. 

A &LH Environmental Services will assist in organising the event and will publicise on our social media platform.

We will collect all the items FREE OF CHARGE and issue the necessary documents to ensure all the items collected are recycled correctly. Any hard drives collected will be destroyed and documentation supplied to confirm safe destruction.

Monies raised from the sale of the items collected will be sent by BACS to the nominated charity. A full breakdown of items collected and revenue raised will be sent direct to the customer. 

A&LH Environmental Services operate a zero to land fill policy  


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